Temperature Indicators & Controllers

Model No : DTI-4801

Model DTI-4801, DTI-9601, DTI-7201
Display RED 3½ Digit, 0.56" height
Range 0ºC to 50.0ºC, 199.9ºC, 400ºC, 600ºC, 1200ºC

Specifications :
Input sensor calibration  
A. Thermocouple Iron-constantan (Fe-Con)-up to 400ºC
  Chromel - Alumel (Cr/AI)-up to 1200ºC
  Platinum-Platinum-Rhodium (Pt/Pt-Rh-13%) up to 1600ºC
B. RTD Resistance Temperature Detector (Pt-100)low temperature & up to 400ºC
Indication Accuracy ±1% of FSD
Compensation Cold junction compensation automatic for all thermocouple models
Relay Status Relay energized or heating (or cooling) operation
Relay output One change over relay contact 5A/230V AC rating.
Control Action ON-OFF or time proportionally
Control Version Single set point or Dual set point
Sensor break protection Relay turns off in case of sensor break
Power Supply 230V AC±15%, 50 Hz
Indication Mains ON, Relay ON and thermocouple break
Max. ambient temp. 55ºC
INSTALLATION The RTD sensor should be connected to the instrument by proper cables to minimize errors due to cable resistance. For Thermocouple sensor, compensating cable of proper type must be used.

Model Series DTI-9601, DTC-9601 DTI-7201, DTC-7201 DTI-4801, DTC-4801
Size (mm) 96 x 96 72 x 72 48 x 96
Cutout (mm) 92 x 92 68 x 68 44 x 92
Depth (mm) 120 120 120
Mounting Flush Panel Mounting Flush Panel Mounting Flush Panel Mounting

Ordering Information :
Supply Voltage: 230 Volt AC, 110 Volt AC, 440 Volt AC.
Sensor Type: J-Type (Fe - K Type), K-Type (Al-cr Type), PT-100 Type
Control Action: ON / OFF Action, Proportional Action.
Model Type: